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Scientia Park with my BFF

Let me introduce my BFF since collage.. Their name is Wulan and Selvy. Selvy is the pregnant one... Well... it's been a long time we didn't meet... So, we're arrange to meet up.. First we meet at Sumarecon Mall Serpong, after that we moved to Scientia Park. Actually.. this is my first time go to Scientia Park.. Because it's weekday, so we just need to pay 25K IDR ($2), and we got this bracelet..
 If you bring your kids, you can rent a roller blade. This place have a family ambiance, and also you can bring your DSLR camera, like we did!
We had a lot of fun in here! There are many swing, no worries your kids can't play it... And.. there is a big swing... We play this swing too... But not the pregnant one.. LOL..

 There is a butterfly park too.. Not so big.. but.. yeah.. so fun in there.. Actually.. there're just a few butterfly, but no problem if you going here with your friends or your family.. ^^ *sorry.. i'm not taking a photo of butterfly park.. but…

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